Friday, January 15, 2010


Today, January 15th, is a very big day.

We're now half way through the darkest, coldest, snowiest month of the year.  We've come this far with some extremely chilly weather, but no major snow storms.  I'm okay with that.

Meteorologists consider December, January, and February to be "winter."  If you look at it on a larger scale, we're also half way through with the winter season.

While I don't enjoy summers as much as I once did, it is nice to see a little light at the end of the winter tunnel.

I shared a mall bench with an elderly woman a few months ago.  We both felt time moves faster as you age.  It seems like things took forever when you were a kid-- a long time in school, an interminable wait for the driver's license, the days to the 18th birthday dragged.  I won't mention the joys of turning 21.

It would be nice to see the rest of winter zip by, but too much is moving along with it.