Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Price of Progress

The Scranton Parking Authority Garage at North Washington Avenue and Linden Street is undergoing renovations.  There are structural repairs and cosmetic changes.

Among the changes in appearance are a faux brick face, and, what troubles me, the corners are being boxed in!  I love those corners.  I need those corners.

The corners are my vantage point for bad photography of Lackawanna County Courthouse Square.  I took the above photo in early September, just before La Festa Italiana.

I haven't been in the garage since the renovations began.  It appears there is still a lot of room to look down and snap a few photos, but the angles will be different.  The now boxed in corners were the perfect spot.

I will admit, the brick face helps the parking garage blend into the neighborhood a bit better.  Losing my photographic vantage point is the price of progress.