Friday, January 22, 2010

Sentimental Favorites and Unfavorites

My team, the Pittsburgh Steelers didn't make the NFL playofs this year. 

While that's unfortunate, there is a slight up side.  I can enjoy the playoffs without that fear and anxiety associated with watching your favorite team in do-or-die situations.

I haven't been watching much football, anyway.  Most of the games are after my bed time, and the Super Bowl next month is totally out of the question.

I do have to pick a team to root for.  I've chosen the New Orleans Saints.  It's nice to see some fresh blood make it this far.

Staying with sports today, former Oakland Athletic/Saint Louis Cardinal Mark McGwire recently admitted to what we all knew.  He used steroids.  Watching him hit was a thing of beauty.  He had an amazing swing.   The apology and admission are good.  It's not enough to overcome the fact he cheated-- for years.

Roberto Alomar narrowly missed being voted into the baseball Hall of Fame earlier this month.  His statistics are impressive, but it's the Hall of Fame, not the Hall of Numbers.  This is the guy who spat in the face of an umpire in 1996.  Roberto Alomar should not be in the Hall of Fame.  Ever.