Saturday, January 16, 2010


This one was so long, it didn't fit on my scanner.  It's bland, but it gets the point across.

I don't remember how I acquired this sticker, but if you saw Howard Stern's movie, "Private Parts," you already know a little bit about WNBC.

50,000 watts, always battling WABC for New York supremacy, the home of Imus, and later Howard Stern.  There are a few very good web sites dedicated to WNBC history, so Google them up if the mood strikes you.  A lot of interesting people spent time at WNBC, including Soupy Sales, Captain Frank Reed and Wolfman Jack.

NBC had quite a radio operation at one time-- a top notch news network, and several strong stations around the country.  NBC was "the" radio network for a very long time.  NBC eventually got out of the radio business, and a lot of what made radio special was lost.  I miss the chimes at the top of the hour.

You could easily pick up WNBC in northeastern Pennsylvania.  Some preferred it over WABC.  I didn't.

AM 660 is now home to WFAN, all sports radio.