Saturday, February 13, 2010

Froggy 101

Talk about a station that hit the ground running !!!

Country formatted Froggy 101 used to be Stereo 101, WGBI.  By the way, an elusive Stereo 101 bumper sticker is NOT part of my collection, and I'm still upset over that.  It was one of the best stickers of all time.

Anyway, Stereo 101 was sold several years ago.  The new owner dumped the adult contemporary format, and went modern country.  It did well, almost from day one.  I thought a lot of the imaging and the phony "frog related" jock names were corny, but it was marketing genius.  Everyone knew what Froggy 101 is all about, and a monster signal doesn't hurt.

Also, it was refreshing to see a country station WITHOUT cowboy boots and/or a cowboy hat in the logo.  It's one of radio's biggest cliches.

Froggy 101 recently lost its morning man, Doc Medek, to a Philadelphia station.  Doc is one of the truly nice guys in the biz.