Thursday, February 18, 2010

Taking a Stand

There's a bill in the state senate to allow six-pack beer sales in  mini marts, supermarkets and similar places.

The quote of the week, comes from Brett Marcy, spokesman for State Representative Todd Eachus.  It was published Wednesday morning in the Wilkes-Barre Times Leader.
We support the concept of enhancing the customer experience, but the public’s health and safety remain our top priority. We’re certainly interested in hearing more about this proposal.  We are certainly interested in doing whatever we can to modernize and improve Pennsylvania’s beer and liquor laws without compromising our commitment to public health and safety.
A little history:  Todd Eachus is the same guy who fought to weaken the anti-smoking bill a couple years ago.  He voted against the first and stronger version of the bill.   "Health and safety a top priority?"  "Commitment to public health and safety?"  Please!  It's no such thing.  It's waiting to see what way the political wind will blow.  Pro tobacco groups spent a ton of money in Pennsylvania during the anti smoking debate.  Eachus took thousands in contributions from the tobacco and restaurant industries in 2008.  His own campaign finance reporting confirms it.    A lot of people are waiting to see who's willing to pony up more this time-- the beer distributors or the supermarket/mini mart owners.  That's where the "commitment" really lies.