Friday, February 19, 2010

Three Wise Men

I love my doctor, my dentist, and my accountant.  They're three great guys.  Unfortunately, I hate visiting all three.

Yesterday, it was the accountant's turn.  Tax time.  Ugh!

Luckily, I'm neat and tidy.  I save all my financial documents in a special folder, so they're ready to go.  The final piece of the puzzle is a couple year end statements from the office and some financial institutions.  Once they're in hand, it's a trip to the man who makes sense of it all.

The process is painless.  The numbers are not.  It hurts.

  The documents and the checks are in the mail.  The folder is empty, but it will soon start filling up with this year's forms and statements.

It's over, at least for another year, and I have that sense of relief that comes when a task is complete.

I consider myself very lucky.  My accountant said a lot of his clients lost their jobs last year.  Why is our area the first to feel the recession, and the last to recover?