Thursday, February 11, 2010

Thursday Scrapple

It's been a while since we've visited the scrapple section of the blog supermarket.

Discussions of Super Bowl commercials are mind numbingly tedious.  It seemed to be the topic on every radio and TV morning show on Monday.  My hand couldn't hit the "off" button fast enough.  When I got up Monday, I saw a couple internet stories on the Letterman/Leno spot.  I found it on-line. I read where Letterman himself conceived the promo.  The man is a genius, the king of late night.  NBC rues the day they passed over Letterman for the "Tonight" show.

Once again, I didn't watch the Super Bowl.  My last one was in 1999.  I remember getting filled up on boneless wings at a party, getting bored with the game, and watching "Clueless" with the girls on a small kitchen television.  Good times.

I would have pulled for New Orleans, even without Katrina.  I love underdogs.  I'm attracted to lost causes.

The line of the week came Monday morning on the CBS "Early Show."  The Saints have three Haitian-Americans on the team.  Reporter Jeff Glor asked one of them if he has a message for the people "watching back in Haiti."  I'm sure all the Haitians had their big screens fired up and their satellite dishes pointed at CBS.  The Haitians don't have a place to live, and Glor came up with a question like that.

One other Super Bowl issue before I move on...  Sunday night's telecast was the most viewed in history, beating the MASH finale, sort of.  More people watched Sunday night because the country's population has grown 31 per cent since the last MASH episode.  MASH still has a huge lead in the audience share.

I cannot think of MASH without recalling the episode where Frank Burns passed out after a night of drinking.  Hawkeye and BJ put a toe tag on Frank that read "emotionally exhausted and morally bankrupt."  It was one of the best television lines, ever.

There are two interesting stories, at least to me, out of Albany, NY.  First, the AHL's River Rats are moving to Charlotte, NC.  The Rats had been in Albany for 17 years.  A few other teams are said to be interested in filling the void in Albany.  Second, WROW-AM 590, a legendary news/talk station, is now simulcasting an FM soft rock station.  Management says low ratings forced the change.   I've written about the demise of AM radio here in the past.  There's no need to go in to it again.

As if newspapers didn't have enough problems...  Governor Rendell wants to make them more expensive via a sales tax.

Veterinary services will also be taxed.  There are too many animals whose owners can't provide and afford the proper care.  This is another mistake.

You find good products in the strangest places.  I bought a pair of shoes from a restaurant supply catalog.  They're the most comfortable shoes ever.  I found underwear in a catalog filled with products for construction workers.  It's the most comfortable underwear ever.

Lake Erie could freeze over, entirely, for the first time in 15 years.

The winter olympics begin tomorrow.  Rock 107's John Webster says it's two weeks that seems to last a month on TV.  I disagree.  Two months is more like it.

The new mayor of Harrisburg spent more than $35,000 to renovate the mayor's suite of offices in city hall.

I've encountered several people who've said January flew by.  It did.  It could be due to the lack of a major snow storm and a short burst of above normal temperatures.

We're nearly half way through with February.  It too is moving faster than usual.