Thursday, March 25, 2010

9 and Out

Zach Braff announced the other day that "Scrubs" will not be back for a 10th season.

Most of the original cast disappeared after the 8th year.  New people were brought in.  While there were a few laughs this year, it wasn't the same.

Blog followers know that I've been a "Scrubs" fan since the pilot in 2001.  I'm not as upset over the end as you might think.  It's time.

As I thought about, the end of "Scrubs" means there's not one prime time series that I regularly view.  "Entourage" comes close, but that's cable, and it has just a limited run every year.  I do twist in "South Park" once in a while.  However, it's not on a regular basis.

A lot of it has to due with my schedule.  I'm asleep during prime time, but it's easy to watch "on demand" via the internet.  There's not much worth watching.  Reality shows don't do it for me.  "American Idol" and "Dancing with the Stars" bore me to tears.  Crime shows?  Don't care.

I thought the 10 PM "Jay Leno Show" had potential.  It was done in by poor execution and lackluster guests.

Maybe, one day, prime time will be entertaining again.