Saturday, March 20, 2010

Dallas Country

WDLS was a country station with its tower and studio in the Back Mountain of Luzerne County.  I think I was there a couple times, but I couldn't get to the old studio site today, if my life depended on it.

Country isn't my thing, but I do remember the station as being live and local.  Live and local is always a good thing.  The people who own stations these days have forgotten about that.  Recorded, syndicated and satellite is cheaper, but there is no connection with the listener.  Without that connection, there really is no radio.

Again, like most stations here in our area, it's been under a few different owners in recent years.  There was an oldies simulcast for a while.

Now?  It's back to country, under different ownership, and WDLS is currently known as WSJR.