Friday, April 9, 2010

Friday Scrapple

I know she's had a horrible year, but I'm really tired of hearing about ESPN's Erin Andrews.

The New York Post reports former NY governor Eliot Spitzer wants to get back into politics.  He resigned a couple of years ago in a prostitution scandal.  The sheer hypocrisy of Mr. Law and Order bothered me more than his dalliances.  At least he didn't go running for rehab.

Speaking of rehab, Tiger Woods and Nike have a new TV commercial, featuring Tiger's late father, Earl.  What were they thinking?  This is beyond tasteless.

Some "experts" are talking about an economic recovery.  I've yet to see it.

I'd love to know what the FBI was looking for at Senator Ray Musto's home, and I'd be extremely disappointed if it turned out the man did something wrong.

WalMart got the okay to build in Exeter.  There's a reason it's the largest chain in America.  WalMart always gets what it wants.

A lot of people loved the recent hot spell.  Not me.  I need a little springtime.

Attendance at last night's SWB Yankees home opener:  6,500.  Yes, I realize the weather was bad.  I remember the days when you couldn't get a ticket for opening night.  A Morning Call sportswriter had it right in last night's Dave Bohman piece.  The Yankees have alienated their fan base.  You can't do that, and still survive.

There have been plenty of changes in the radio business in recent weeks.  Outside of a select few comments to me, no one really seems to care.  I weighed in on those changes recently, so scroll back, if you choose.  I will add this-- Kevin Lynn showed a great deal of class in his post-dismissal comments.

I have no desire to own an i-Pad.

Traveling Interstate 80 is not part of my daily routine, but I'm still happy it will not become a toll road.  This move penalized the wrong people.  The state has to learn to do more with less, like every other business in this country. The state will find other ways to get its money.  Everybody pays.

CNN has a seen a rather large ratings drop recently, especially in prime time.  I've read where some in the industry think CNN should move toward more opinion related programming, like FOX News and MSNBC.  Please, don't!  You can do real news and still draw a crowd.  Improve your story telling and presentation.  Hire some good talent, and dump those Larry King and Anderson Cooper bore-fests.

WNEP's Home & Backyard Expo starts today at the Wyoming Valley Mall in Wilkes-Barre Township.  Stop by if you're in the neighborhood.