Friday, April 23, 2010

Friday Scrapple

The major advantage to having digital cable is, of course, WNEP 2.  However, I can't overlook the availability of one of the WVIA/PBS digital sub channels.  It's called Create.  It re-runs some Julia Child cooking shows from the 1990's.  I'd forgotten what a delightful woman Child was-- the perfect combination of gravitas, information, and fun.  Food TV executives, producers, and hosts should be locked in a room and required to view all of Child's work.  They'd learn something, and Food TV would be a better network.

I spent about nine hours at Moses Taylor Hospital in Scranton on Wednesday.  The staff was one nice person after another, from the second I walked in the door, right up to the time I left.  Relax.  My visit was nothing major, and I'll offer a few lines about it one of these days.  Thanks to the people at MTH.

Esquire magazine named Christina Hendricks the "Sexiest Woman Alive."  Bravo!  A wonderful choice!

I preface this by saying I am not America's moral compass.  You can't help but be troubled by the Ben Roethlisberger case.  While there is not enough evidence to prove a crime, it's clear he took advantage of a drunk, naive, and immature 20 year old-- a child, at a Georgia bar recently.  The NFL suspended him for six games, and there are continued reports the Steelers will trade Roethlisberger if the right deal comes along.   I feel six games is a tad severe.  The league will cut it to four if Big Ben manages to behave himself.  There are two ways this can go.  Ben can grow up, wise up, straighten up and fly right, or he'll continue on a self destructive path that will end with a career as a wrestler.  We are a people of second chances, even though I occasionally have a hard time dealing with that.  Michael Vick, for example.  Roethlisberger will get his opportunity at redemption, and I hope he doesn't blow it.

An Allegheny County state representative has announced a plan to get the state out of the retail liquor business.  Similar bills have flopped, badly and repeatedly, over the years.  This one will likely meet the same fate.

We deal with a lot of tragedy in the news business...  so places like the Game Show Network and Food TV are often a nice destination for an escape.  The same goes for some selected sports talk radio shows.  I've become extremely tired hearing about the sexual organs of Tiger Woods and Ben Roethlisberger.

The video of the Iceland volcano is nothing short of fascinating.  Grounding of all those European jets shows that despite all our technology, Mother Nature is still firmly in charge of our lives.

Only a few more Saturday bumper stickers left!

The weather this weekend looks lousy.  Try to enjoy it, anyway.