Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Never Been There...

I must have passed it a thousand times, but I never stopped in.  That ship has sailed.  Bingham's restaurant was destroyed in a spectacular fire late Sunday night.

The restaurant, in Susquehanna County's Lenox Township was famous for its pies and baked goods.  So famous, Newswatch 16 did a "Pennsylvania Faire" feature there in October of 2008  I watched the video again Monday morning.  The food looked great.

It was apparent Bingham's held a special place in the hearts of the locals.  Several people stopped by our satellite truck Monday morning to say how much they'll miss the restaurant.  About fifty full and part timers worked there.  The number varried according to the season.

Monday afternoon, it was revealed that the fire is a case of arson.  An arrest has been made.

One can only hope they rebuild for all those workers, and the people who simply enjoy a good pie.