Saturday, April 3, 2010

Returning to the Q

On Halloween, I chronicled a little of the history of WSCR, which later became WBQW.  The station had little bumper stickers, or "Q Spots" back in the day.

No one really knew what they were all about.  Did they say "13Q"..."BQ"...or both.  The first generation was blue, and on the blog in October.  The next version is on the left.  Red.

Then, a change of direction.  It was back to blue, but notice a re-design  the "3" is very different, clearly indicating it's "13Q."  Also, notice the reinforcement, via the addition of "radio" and the frequency.

You have to give them credit for trying, but 13Q never really took off.   It was probably one of the last times an AM radio station around here made a super serious run at attracting an audience.

1320 has been off the air for years and will likely never return to the Scranton area.