Saturday, April 10, 2010


You can't go wrong with a big, bright, yellow, highly noticeable bumper sticker.  Or, can you?

The radio station owner's hot air balloon gets more space than the radio station, and I guess that was okay.  The balloon was the station's symbol, sort of the mascot.

WWDL was on 104.9, so I was a little surprised it wasn't called "Stereo 105."  I think a later marketing shift had the station re-branded as "Lite 105."

To make a long story short, the owner got into some trouble with the law and was forced to sell.  WWDL is now "The River."  I don't know the fate of the balloon.

Or, maybe I do.  I Googled "Sunkiss balloon" and found an outfit called "Sunkiss Ballooning" in Glens Falls, NY.  Looks like the same balloon to me.