Friday, June 18, 2010

Are you Kidding Me? Again !!!

Luzerne County has a new sheriff, John Gilligan.  He said his first job is to restore integrity to the office, and that's commendable.

Among Gilligan's first tasks was to fire the current chief deputy, and replace him with former sheriff Carl Zawatski.


Are you kidding me?


As you might remember, Zawatski was surrounded by a cloud of controversy several years back.  It dealt with a auto crash, and a series of unanswered questions.  Apparently, county voters were upset enough to vote Zawatski out office.

Look, I think the Luzerne County Sheriff's Office is a good and dependable bunch of people.   As a reporter, they're great to deal with.  None better.  Professional.  Courteous.  Competent.

I just have concerns over  handing a key job to someone who showed questionable judgment when the going got tough.  It doesn't appear to be the right way to restore integrity.