Tuesday, June 29, 2010

It Never Ends

Pennsylvania's attorney general announced the arrest of 26 suspected drug dealers and users yesterday morning in Luzerne County.

While I didn't attend yesterday's announcement, these things invariably go like this.  Some reporter asks about the size of the dent this puts in the local drug trade.  The answer is, unfailingly, "a big one." 

Another reporter then asks about the fact that those who got busted are the street level people.  Small potatoes.  The answer to that query always consists of some official saying the little people always turn on the big ones to save their hides, and that's why you arrest the street level dealers.

Look, any drug arrest is a good one.  Police are doing the best they can with their limited resources, and an ever increasing drug problem.  Drugs is one of the big reasons behind burglaries, theft, violence, and a huge list of other crimes.  Drugs tear apart society.

What concerns me is there never seems to be a slow down.  26 people are off the street, and there will be soon be another bunch to take their place.

And, I keep waiting for the big fish to be reeled in.