Monday, June 14, 2010

A Tale of Two Seasons

It is said there are two seasons in Pennsylvania-- winter and construction.

This is a recent shot of the so-called "cemetery bridges" in Scranton.  They're between the River Street and Davis Street exits.  They get their name because St. Mary's Cemetery is just beneath the southbound span.  It's off to your right in this photo.

These bridges have been falling apart for years, and this project is long overdue.

A construction company is building a temporary bridge so two lanes of traffic can be maintained in both directions.  This adds time and money to the project.

Pardon a "geezer moment."  I remember the days when Interstate 81 was down to one lane through the metro area just about every summer.  I worked at WARM during the 80's, and getting from my home in the mid valley to the studio was an adventure.  Luckily, I pulled a lot of late night, overnight, and early morning shifts (yes, even then), so I got to travel during off-peak times.  The traffic load has increased greatly since I was a radio pup, so one lane of traffic, on a busy stretch of interstate, is now out of the question.

I know our area has its challenges-- bad weather, many days in the "freeze/thaw" cycle, road salt, heavy trucks, plenty of cars, etc.  Yet, I'm amazed that science hasn't given us a bridge deck than can take the abuse.

The cemetery bridge replacement project should be wrapped up in the fall of 2012.

Drive carefully.