Tuesday, June 22, 2010

World Cup

Soccer is a lot like the metric system.  The world loves it.  Americans don't get it.  I am an American.

The World Cup is underway is South Africa.  The United States began by fighting England to a tie.

I remember driving to central Pennsylvania on a Saturday morning about 15 years ago.  There's a stretch of Route 11 where there are several sports fields, and they were all filled with kids playing soccer.  I wondered why those kids abandon the sport as young adults.

I told that story in the newsroom the other morning, to get some input from the parents on the staff.  One said soccer is a relatively inexpensive sport, and that's why young kids get involved.  Football, basketball, and baseball are part of our culture, so kids gravitate there when they get a little older.

Another parent reminded me of some very successful high school and soccer programs we have here in our area.  One student landed a scholarship at a prime university thanks to his soccer skills.  As to why soccer flies under the radar, no one really had a good reason.

If you're "in" to soccer, I applaud you.  It seems to be a lot like hockey-- you really don't appreciate it until you see a game in person.

Enjoy the World Cup.