Thursday, June 24, 2010

You Don't Say!

Tom Kennedy, seen above, on the left, hosted a game show in the 60's called "You Don't Say!"  It ran for a good five years on NBC, plus a couple short runs on ABC and in syndication.  I'm over simplifying here, but the object of the game was for a celebrity to get his or her contestant partner to say the name of a famous person or place.  The celebrity had to give clues without uttering the target name, and that, of course, is the word you don't say.

I'm often reminded of something the great Bob Barker once said.  He offered that the secret to being a good game show host isn't what you say.  It's what you don't say.  Barker often encountered nervous contestants, and ones who really didn't understand what "The Price is Right" is all about.  It would have been very easy to have fun at their expense, but Barker held off, because he didn't want to come across as mean, insensitive, and self centered.

That brings us to General Stanley McChrystal.  In a Rolling Stone article, McChrystal blasted his bosses, including the president over their handling of the war in Afghanistan.

McChrystal might be right.  He might be an excellent general, but going public with a squabble involving your boss is downright stupid.  It's okay to disagree.  Do it behind closed doors.

McChrystal fired?  You Don't Say!