Monday, August 30, 2010


One of my favorite phrases is one I borrowed from my late, great radio co-worker, Mr. Guy Randall.  I'd be sitting in the WARM newsroom, stewing over and fretting about some personal issue.  Guy would bring it all into focus by simply asking "What are your options?"

The old zoo building at Nay Aug Park in Scranton is being turned into a visitors' center.  Above is a shot of the zoo when Toni the elephant still roamed her tiny enclosure, before she was shipped out of town.  This photo, one of mine, is more than twenty years old.  Toni passed away a few years ago.

A wildlife center here disappeared a year or so ago.

Do we really need a visitors' center?  No.  What are your options?  There are none, so let's get to work on the visitors' center.

Lackawanna College wanted to do something here. Those plans fell through.  Lackawanna seemed more interested in developing the long-neglected Pine Brook section of the city.  By the way, I drove through Pine Brook Friday morning.  What happened to those plans?  It's part of the city that clearly needs a lot of TLC.

If the visitors' center comes off as envisioned, there'll be a little history lesson, directions to the park's attractions, gift shop, and rest rooms.

Hey, it's better than the only other option-- watching the building crumble and rust away.