Monday, September 20, 2010

It Was Nice While It Lasted

I really enjoy the music of the 60's and 70's.  I admit that freely, even though it really isn't fashionable.

Cool 92.1/100.1 FM had a button on my car radio.  Key word:  had.  The station flipped to a modern rock format on Thursday.  I'm sure there was some logic to the move, a belief by management this would bring in more listeners and revenue, that it would hurt some other stations in town.

I tried listening Friday morning.  I gave it a chance.  Sorry.  Modern rock isn't my thing.  You have to wonder how many stations aimed at young people can exist in this market.    I'm sure the new WFUZ is and will be a fine radio station.

I liked the Cool 92.1/100.1 music.  The personalities left a lot to be desired, especially the woman with the screechy voice and the brainless trivia questions in the morning.

There are other oldies stations in town.  I'll survive.   You know how radio is.  Now that there's one less oldies station around here, another may flip to fill the void.   There are so many programmers who spend more time worrying about the competition than keeping their own house in order, tightening the sound, promoting, developing personalities, becoming relevant to the community.

I think my next vehicle will have a satellite radio.

Good luck to the new 92.1, its staff, owners, and listeners.