Thursday, September 30, 2010


I rarely watch prime time television.  First, I'm usually asleep at the time.  Second, it just doesn't interest me.  Prime time is just a bunch of bad reality shows and it seems like there's a shooting, grisly murder, or an autopsy every five minutes on the rest of the offerings.  I can do without that.

However, I stumbled across something last week that I actually found amusing.  It's a new sitcom on NBC called "Outsourced."   It's about an American who runs a novelty company call center in India.

Outsourcing is really nothing funny, and we've seen far too much of it in real life.

As for the sitcom, the pilot was really good.  I hope the writers can make the rest of the episodes as humorous as the first.  It seems there's no shortage of comedy potential with the topic.