Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Already There

You often hear us refer to something called "Holiday Mode."  Businesses and offices kick in to it around major holidays, all year round.  It's tough to describe.  It essentially involves a lighter, more casual atmosphere.

Holiday Mode arrived early this year, and it was easy to tell.  I got home from work yesterday, had lunch, and took the beagle for a walk.  When I arrived home after my leisurely stroll, I checked my work e-mail.

We have different categories of e-mail at the station.  There are designations for producers, anchors, assignment editors, reporters, and  morning team members.  Because I'm all of those, I get tons of e-mail.  I was shocked when my e-mail box had only a few submissions.  It seems like a lot of businesses and government offices have already begun coasting toward Thanksgiving.

I'm not complaining.  Have a good week.