Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Feast Day

I'm not sure if he was the first to utter the phrase, but CBS News legend Charles Kuralt once called election day the "feast day of freedom."

Regular blog leaders smell it coming-- the twice yearly lecture to get out and vote.  I'll never understand people who wave the flag on holidays, who support the troops, who say they love their country, who faithfully pay their taxes, but who stay home on election day.  It's all part of the same package.

This election is important.  They all are.  I hope to see you at the polls.  You have a voice.  It would be a shame to waste it.

If I have the opportunity, I'll post some of my Election Day 2010 experiences here later today.  If not, look for a little anlysis tomorrow morning.

>>>11:45 AM... Our noon report on Kanjorski and Barletta has been written, edited, and microwaved back to the station.  We've chosen Wright Township as the location for the noon live shot.  After that, it's back to the office for a little house keeping, home to vote, lunch, walk the beagle, and a long nap.  It should be a fascinating night, and remember, the 2012 campaign starts tomorrow!  By the way, voter turnout today looks to be busy, but not super heavy.  As always, it will pick up between 5 and 8 pm.

>>>9:45 AM... In Hazleton to talk with Kanjorski's opponent, Mayor Lou Barletta.  He's much more optimistic than he was two years ago, learning from past campaign shortcomings, trying to tap into that voter frustration, happy with ticket strength involving Corbett and Toomey.  Campaign aides told me we might not know the outcome until very late tonight.  It's time to start working on a piece for the noon broadcast.  By the way, we're hearing turn out has been on the heavy side this morning.

>>>8:45 AM...  Leaving Nanticoke after talking with Rep. Paul Kanjorski and getting video of him voting.  Kanjorski says he knows voters are frustrated.  I asked if they'll take out that frustration on him.  Kanjorski replied that he doesn't make predictions.  I get the feeling Kanjorski knows this will be a difficult day and night for Democrats.

>>>7:00 AM... Polls open.  Voters are already here.  It's impossible to judge from the first minutes because there are vote spurts at the beginning and and of the day.  However, with many contested races and the home rule question in Luzerne County, it could be a big day.  We're shooting some video here, then chasing a couple candidates for a story for our noon broadcast.  I'm still drinking way too much soda.

>>>4:45 AM... We arrived at our live location for Newswatch 16 This Morning-- Mountain Top Hose Company #1 in Fairview Township.  It's one of the larger polling places in Luzerne County.  It's cold up here, but the view is great.

>>>4:20 AM... I apologive for being too Twitter-esque today.  It won't happen again.  I think I drank too much soda.

>>>4:10 AM...  I've climbed into my home for the next eight and a half hours, Newswatch 16 live unit # 20.

>>>2:30 AM... I was thinking about my drive two years ago, on my drive to work this morning.  In 2008, most people were sure Barack Obama would be elected president.  The polls had him clearly in front.  Whether or not you liked him, you knew change was coming.  This morning, all I could think about was how it all fell apart in less than two years.  The overwhelming emotion today is anger.  Voters want change-- again.  We'll see how much change when the numbers come in.

When I got to the office, I tweaked a couple election morning scripts I prepared over the weekend, sat down with the anchors and producers to decide on a live location and mapped out my day.  Politics can be frustrating, but it can also be great fun.