Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday Scrapple

This has to be one of the best NFL final fours in a long time.  Three of the teams playing this weekend are really good.  It would be nice to see a Steelers/Packers Super Bowl, with the Steelers getting their seventh Vince Lombardi trophy.

I see the people at PBS think they dropped the ball in their coverage of the Arizona shootings.  They're right.  PBS has no news presence on weekends, and that's something that ought to be fixed.

By now, you know we lost our webmaster, Chris Nelhybel, this week.  He was a good guy to have around-- knowledgeable, and a nice person.  It's a cliche, but he will be missed.

When the history of the music industry is written, and a list of the "most influential" is compiled,  Don Kirshner has to be on the list.  Kirshner died this week.  76.

Tom Corbett toned down the inaugural pomp and circumstance a bit on Tuesday.  It's a good thing.  Celebrate, but be responsible.

The word "brutal" was tossed around quite a bit after Sunday morning's double murder in Hazleton.  Aren't all murders "brutal?"  At least we didn't get the standard "This wasn't a random act.  Be not afraid" speech.  And, but he way, why did it take until late afternoon for someone official to say something?  The missing suspect could have been on Mars by the time we received information.

This is the time of year when winter really starts to wear you down.  Try to take it in stride.  The longest, coldest, darkest, snowiest month of the year ends in ten days.

I caught some of the new Piers Morgan show on CNN this week.  It wasn't bad, but no reason to turn a dial.  He's already like the man he replaced, Larry King.  Morgan, too, takes himself way too seriously.

Anne Hathaway has been cast as Catwoman in the new Batman movie.  I still don't get this girl.

ABC News announced yesterday that Nightline is being shortened by five minutes, so Jimmy Kimmel can start exactly at midnight.  It took a while to get used to Kimmel's style, and he's become a very watchable personality.