Saturday, January 15, 2011

Watres Bad Photography Weekend

I was passing the Watres Armory in Scranton recently, one of my favorite buildings, when I realized I'd never photographed it.  That changed the other day.  I grabbed my camera and snapped off a few of the brick behemoth.

The cornerstone is at the left.  1877.  Wow!  If these walls could talk.  Coule you imagine all the men and women who went off to war by starting behind these walls.

I've been there for departures.  I've been there for arrivals.  The common thread is tears.  Families cried when their loved ones left.  They cried upon their return.  It's a scene I've witnessed dozens of times.  It never fails to move you.

For a long time, this was also an entertainment venue.  I remember my mom and dad taking me here for a "Disney on Parade" show many, many years ago.  Seeing the show with a great set of parents was special, the experience enhanced by walking in to a massive old building that looked like a castle.

I have a couple more Watres photos for you tomorrow.