Friday, February 18, 2011

Another Year

If you heard a huge sigh of relief coming from north Scranton Wednesday afternoon, that was me.

It was time for a get together with my accountant.  The reason?  Income tax return preparation.

I can't say I was thrilled with the outcome, and that has nothing to do with the accountant.  He's extremely competent, and a good person on top of that.

There is one simple rule that I put forth for him, and it's one I borrowed from former newspaper columnist and current radio and TV personality Tony Kornheiser:  "Keep me out of jail."

It looks like there will be another year without a stay at the Greybar Hotel, but it will cost me dearly.

And, while we're on the subject of yearly occurrences, people who have been around the blog for the last 6+ years will smell my annual "ode to the skunk" post coming.

While I love seeing robins, I don't believe in that "harbinger of spring" nonsense.

I know spring is coming when I smell a skunk.  The little critters get active around this time of year.  They're looking for food and love, and not necessarily in that order.

My first aroma of spring came early Sunday morning, outside a Turkey Hill in Moosic.  The second, a day later, outside the Hanover Township Municipal Building.  The rest of the week was rather quiet.

The skunks are up from their winter slumber, and spring is on the way.