Sunday, February 20, 2011

Bad Photography Sunday

There is something about an evergreen, new snow, sunshine, and blue skies.  It can make you feel a lot better, even in the dead of winter.

This is another selection from the February 8, Susquehanna County collection.  Like yesterday's photo, it was shot at the Interstate 81 south rest area in Lenox Twp., not far from the Lackawanna County line.

This week's taste of springtime was nice, but we all know it was just a tease.  We really needed to get rid of some of the snow and ice.  I just checked the forecast, and more wintry weather is on the way.  What did you expect?  We're still in the middle of February.

A sliver of warm weather at this time of year can be detrimental.  The cold, when it returns, feels worse than it did before, and there are times it feels like winter will last forever.