Monday, February 28, 2011

It's Over

Today is the last day of February, and that means it's the end of meteorological winter-- the three coldest months of the year.

I look at it like this...  It's been colder than normal.  It's been snowier than normal.  At least here in the valley cities, there haven't been any crippling snow storms-- the kind of storm that brings life as we know it to a grinding halt, the kind of storm that sends us running to the Acme for milk, bread, eggs, frozen pizza, Pop Tarts, Spaghetti O's, and toilet paper.  Yes, my list is longer than that of most people.

I will admit that I've been looking forward to retiring my long underwear for the season.  I have several pair.  They all got a workout this year.

It's been said that time passes more quickly as you "mature," and I've found that to be true.  There is an "up" side.  Winter has sped by.  It seems like December 1 was yesterday.

We're not out of the woods yet.  We've had some big snow storms in March.  At least the sun is strong and the snow melts after a few days.  Then, there is the danger of ice jams and flooding from the melt.

The worst appears to be over.

Enjoy spring!