Tuesday, March 8, 2011


I didn't need an alarm clock Monday morning.  The sleet, pinging off my bedroom window, along with the howling wind, was enough to get me up.  It wasn't the raven rapping at my chamber door, but it was close.

After a quick e-mail and Twitter check, it was into the shower, and into the car.

Most of my trip to work is on Interstate 81 South.  There's a stretch of road where I can look down on 81 before I approach the entrance ramp.  As I looked down at 2 AM yesterday, something didn't look right.  The road was pure white, and not a plow truck in sight.

At times like this, I remember something one of my radio co-workers, Kitch Loftus, taught me years ago.  Avoid interstate highways in snow storms.  Yes, they do get plowed and salted first, but there are more places to seek help if you travel through cities and towns.

Interstates are limited access.  There are set places where you can get on and off.  Cities and towns offer limitless possibilities.   It's like playing Pac Man.  You can work your way around obstacles.

Dunmore, Scranton, and Moosic streets were nothing short of awful early Monday morning.  Heavy snow and sleet were falling.  The wind was blowing it all around, and visibility was poor.  It was impossible for road crews to keep ahead of the storm.  On the bright side, I was able to set my own driving pace, without worrying about an 18 wheeler blowing me off the highway.  No traffic.

I made it to the office in one piece.  After a deep stress relief breath, it was out of the car and into the building.

As I Tweeted yesterday, it was in the top ten of worst drives to work-- ever.