Thursday, March 24, 2011

Thursday Scrapple

I respect Elizabeth Taylor's talent and popularity.  The multiple marriages bothered me somewhat, but hey, it was her life.

Luck came my way.  Yesterday's snow fell on one of my days off.  I had to shovel it, but I didn't have to drive in it. 

I despise excess, but for some reason, the upcoming royal wedding doesn't bother me.

Do you get the feeling that coalition forces should have taken out Libya's military a few weeks ago?

A new ABC comedy, Happy Endings, actually looks funny.  Premiere:  April 13.

Does the NFL know what it's doing?  First, labor problems.  Now, a rule that will increase touchbacks and decrease exciting kick returns.

The Scranton School district has a problem.  Some of its buildings are very old.  Money is tight.  Some hard decisions will have to be made-- soon.

I did a story in Nesbitt Park Tuesday morning.  Wow!  The Susquehanna River leaves behind a lot of mud when it recedes.  It brought back memories of 1972.

I seem to be encountering a huge number of robins this spring.  It seems there are a lot more than usual out there.

My income tax refund arrived in record time this year.  Maybe, tiny amounts blow through the system quicker.  At least, the check didn't bounce when I deposited it last week.