Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Eye on You

To no one's surprise, Katie Couric announced yesterday that she's stepping down from the CBS Evening News when her contract expires in June.  As I noted in a recent blog, I can't believe anyone would want to leave the Cronkite chair.  Couric was the face and voice of one of the most respected news organizations in history.  She's trading that for a talk show.

I'm sure books will be written about Couric's time.  Ratings slipped.  They tried to re-invent the evening news, with interviews and commentary.  Ratings slipped even more.  CBS went back to a traditional offering.  It wasn't enough to get viewers to switch.  Couric started in last place, and that's where she will leave in June.

It wasn't all her fault.  NBC is the model of stability.  ABC's ill fated Woodruff/Vargas team didn't last long.  Charles Gibson and Diane Sawyer were enough to keep that network afloat.  Couric didn't get the lead in she had hoped for because a lot of CBS stations are struggling in the ratings.

At least, her pay checks cleared.

CBS is expected to name 60 Minutes correspondent, and former White House correspondent Scott Pelley as Couric's replacement.  That announcement should be made next week.  I never thought anchoring was Pelley's strong point.  However, from what I've read, he wants the job and will work to restore some of the luster to the CBS Evening News.