Friday, May 20, 2011

Media Notes

Katie Couric anchored her last CBS Evening News last night.  After the initial format tinkering failed five years ago, it seemed like Couric didn't want to be there.  CBS is better without Couric.  Couric is better without CBS.

Gus Johnson has left CBS Sports for FOX.  He'll have a variety of duties on the cable and broadcast side.  Johnson is a screamer.  FOX could have done better.

TV news lost two giants recently, former CNN president Burt Reinhardt, and Jeff Gralnick.  The latter worked at CBS, NBC, and ABC.  He produced World News Tonight with Peter Jennings during the glory days.  He's also the producer who took NBC Nightly News with Tom Brokaw from last to first.

NBC canceled a show I really like, Outsourced.  I've written about it before.  An American goes to India to run a call center.  I'll admit the ratings were week, and the humor was often uneven.  Still, I enjoyed it.

I don't see any captivating television on the networks' fall schedules.

After reading the Harry Kalas book I wrote about yesterday, I realized I have no idea who broadcasts Phillies games these days.

Entourage is being pulled from syndication.  Low ratings.  I'll miss it.

Another reason why people hate the media:  the feeding frenzy over Arnold Schwarzenegger's love child.

Reelz plays a couple old NewsRadio episodes every afternoon.  When the series was at its peak,  there was nothing funnier or more clever on television, and Stephen Root, as Jimmy James, created one of the best characters in TV history.

Dick Ebersol is out as head of NBC Sports.  I can't say I'm a fan of the way NBC does things.  It was the last network to go to the time and score box that TV viewers love so much.  The Sunday night NFL show borders on unwatchable.