Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Primary Day

The November 2010 experiment worked well, so I'll try to blog some updates today.  This is my first Twitter election, so there's likely to be a tidbit there from time to time.

>>> 12:00 AM...  Up early to check some e-mails and do a little final day review of what I'll be looking at today.  Voter turnout in primaries is generally week.  I'm still excited.

>>> 12:45 AM... The number of good candidates who ran bad campaigns this year is striking.  So many have made common sense mistakes.  Who's advising these people?  Can the candidates get their money back?

>>> 3:30 AM... The best laid plans...  Vote 2011 will have to wait.  There was a late night homicide, and I've been pulled from election duty.  I might return before the end of my shift.

>>> 6:10 AM... Newswatch 16's Renie Workman is handling the election story for the morning news because I was shifted to a Scranton homicide case.  As I Tweeted, the story is in good hands.  We're listening to all the election commercials here inside one of our Mobile Newsrooms.  Most candidates have taken the high road.  Polls open in less than one hour.

>>> 7:05 AM...  Polls are open.  I wonder if predictions of a low turnout will be true.  It always makes me sad when voters stay home.

>>> 10:45 AM... Looks like I'll have to wait until November to get a piece of the election pie.  Many new elements of the Scranton homicide story popped up this morning, and that's what I'll be doing on Newswatch 16 at Noon.  Jump over to my Twitter page when you get a chance, and "follow" other members of the Newswatch 16 team.  I'm sure they'll keep you updated on election news all day and into the night.

>>> 11:30 AM...  Talking to friends and co-workers-- this election day is like most others:  busy polling places at 7 am, the mid-day lull, followed by a rush at the end of the work day.  Former co-worker David DeCosmo has an inside TV take on things on his blog.

>>> 1:05 PM...  My work day is done.  For many of my co-workers, it's just beginning, and I wish them luck tonight.  Gathering and reporting all those numbers is not an easy task, and the morning crew tomorrow will make some sense out of it all.  It's time for a nap so I can watch some election coverage tonight on TV.  Celebrate our democracy, and look for a little analysis in this space tomorrow.