Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Business News

This one should come as no surprise.  Verizon is coming up with a tiered pricing plan for its smart phones.  The more data you download, the more you will pay.

If Verizon has a super affordable plan for the basics, I might be tempted to go the smart phone route again, but I severely doubt it.

I had one a couple years ago, and I hated it from the beginning.  Big mistake.  The keyboard was too small.  The display was too small to be useful, and the entire appliance was too large to be convenient, if that makes any sense.

On top of that, I got tired of the constant pings and flashes when new e-mails arrived.  After giving it a lot of thought, I reasoned that there's nothing I really need to know instantly.

I finally had enough, and went back to my old and basic phone.  If you need me, call me.  If there's something else on the agenda, it surely can wait.

What's the deal with that restaurant at the corner of North Main and Union in Wilkes-Barre?  It's been under a string of names and formats over the years.  Nothing's worked.  It seems to be a good location, and near King's College-- lots of foot and vehicular traffic.

The latest attempt recently closed.  Something new will be in its place in August, or at least the owner says so.

The restaurant business is tough.  Pick a cuisine, and there are already three people in town doing the same thing.  You do have to be better than the other guys, and the operation at Main and Union has apparently yet to figure out how to do that.

The Buffalo Bills will sport new uniforms for the upcoming season, if there is an upcoming season.  I'm underwhelmed.  The Bills appear to be going back to a more traditional uniform style.   I think it's boring.  Of course, the goal is to get fans to buy all new merchandise.  They just might pull the old stuff out of the closet.

The Los Angeles Dodgers have filed for bankruptcy.  This is more a sign of mismanagement and a nasty divorce rather than tough economic times.  Still, it's tragic that one of the most famous franchises in all of sports has now become a joke.