Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Cloud

If I had the skills to do it myself, I'd probably make a fortune.  Rep. Anthony Weiner made a bad Tweet.  It's likely you've Tweeted something you wish you hadn't.  It's possible you've sent an e-mail or two you wish you could take back.
I learned a long time ago, the hard way, to never write an e-mail in anger.  Cool off.  Think about it.  Then, write.

There are jokes and lines that seemed funny at the time.  Again, there were times we wish we could retrieve them.

 We've been hearing a lot about Micrsoft and Apple developing things called "clouds."  Your data will be saved in a big server in the sky rather than your own computer or other device.  You can access the photos, pictures, and files from anywhere because the stuff will be in the cloud, instead of your hard drive.

Here's my idea.  Your e-mails and Tweets would go into the cloud for 15 minutes before they are sent to their destination.  It would give you a chance to have second thoughts, and pull them back, if necessary.

I call it the "cloud of common sense."  It could prevent a "storm of regret."