Friday, June 10, 2011

Media Notes

Katie Couric signed with ABC Monday.  ABC will distribute an afternoon talk show and Couric will contribute to ABC News broadcasts.  It gives Couric and opportunity to keep her face out there until the talk show debuts in September 2012.  I'm not on "Team Katie," but it seems like a good deal for both sides.

Scott Pelley took over the CBS Evening News on Monday, and it's been a very good first week.  The newscast is back to basics-- a lot of hard news, and I love the world map behind the anchor desk.  It's meant to remind viewers of the glory days-- when Walter Cronkite anchored.

Great writing in the Washington Post.  Critic Hank Stuever noted how the Anthony Weiner story didn't make the first block of the CBS Evening News Monday night.  Said Stuever:  "The sound you hear is the sound of Edward R. Murrow remaining, for once, completely still in his grave."

TV writer Leonard Stern died Tuesday in Los Angeles, at the age of 87.  Stern wrote The Honeymooners, Sgt. Bilko, The Steve Allen Show, and Get Smart.  Quite the resume', don't you think?

Papa Joe Chevalier died last week.  He was 62.  Chevalier did sports talk shows on a couple different national networks.  I met him about 15 years ago when he broadcast from Lackawanna County Stadium in Moosic.  He seemed like a very nice man, and I enjoyed his shows.  He had an "everyman" quality that seemed to click with listeners.

Sporting News Radio has followed the lead of FOX Sports Radio, and has shortened the length of its top of the hour break.  On one hand, it gets you back to the talk a lot faster.  On the other, I miss the comprehensive sports news and scores on the hour.  I miss the old days, when the Scranton ESPN Radio station ran five minutes of ABC News on top of the hour.  You got the best of both worlds-- news and sports.  Yes, some sports fans actually like to know what's going on in the world.

NBC has won the bidding war for the next four Olympics.  I can't say I'm a fan of the way NBC does things-- too much on tape delay.  FOX and ABC/ESPN all promised more live coverage.  As you know, money is more important, especially to the International Olympic Committee.

Marv Albert will call NFL games on CBS this fall (if there's a season).  Marv is 70, and he's still as good as ever.