Thursday, June 16, 2011

Moo !

There was an interesting story in the Albany, NY newspaper the other day.

It said the Greek style yogurt craze has taken off so rapidly that there is an increased demand for milk in upstate New York.  Yogurt factories and cold storage facilities are being constructed.

Both Fage and Chobani already has facilities in upstate NY.

Why not here? 

Pennsylvania's dairy industry is just as troubled as the one in New York, if not more so.  Why are we letting all that business go north of the border?  According the the Albany newspaper, Chobani and Fage both say the high quality of New York milk drew them to locate there.  Huh?  What's wrong with our milk?  The answer to that is "nothing."

Chobani and Fage also say they want to increase capacity.  With our dairy farms, land, highway system, and available workers, Pennsylvania should be an easy solution to their problems.

Yogurt can be a bigger boon than natural gas.