Saturday, July 9, 2011

Bad Photography Saturday: Tamaqua

Before I get to the photo, a little bit about the news gathering and reporting process...

I was in Tamaqua for a fire the other morning.  A pair of photographers and I got our video and did interviews.  I went back to the truck, fired up my laptop, wrote a script, zapped it back to the station, called in, went over the script with a member of the management team, got it approved, recorded my audio, and handed it off to the video editor to put together the final product.

I'm not the type of reporter that hovers over the editor to watch every shot dropped in to the piece.  First, I trust our staff.  Second, most editors hate someone looking over their shoulder.  We'll discuss what goes where while I'm writing.  I'm not the one who shot the video, so if the photographer has something they want included, they'll mention it to me, and I'll make sure to write it in to the story.

While my noon story was being edited, I grabbed my camera and went for a walk through Tamaqua.  Broad Street is impressive, with several old and restored homes and commercial buildings.

No trip through Tamaqua is complete without a stop to the train station.  There's no passenger service, so the train station is now holds stores, a restaurant, and a tourist information center.  The gas station that used to be here is long gone, replaced with a park-- including benches, trees, flowers, and a gazebo.

Tamaqua is an under rated town.