Friday, July 8, 2011

Bigger = Better ?

Consumer Reports did a new study of American fast food.  Two of the biggest chains, McDonald's and Burger King tested poorly in food quality and customer service.


I am.  A little. 

I find the food okay, albeit a bit pricey and not a good value.

Customer service is always a problem.  Fast food isn't very fast, and I've encountered far too many employees who could use lessons on politeness, manners and simply speaking loud enough to be heard and understood.

It shows bigger isn't necessarily better.

I know it's different with young people, who see fast food as a fun destination.  For me, the burger chains are places I hit when I need something fast.  In other words, I'm there when I need to be, not when I want to be.

Walmart is the same way.  Does anyone really "love" the Walmart experience?

I visit often because they have what I want and at decent prices.  Plus, and this is the overwhelming reason, Walmart is always open.

I have no problem finding what I need.  The problem comes when I get to the check out.  There are never enough lanes open, and if the person in front of you has a problem, like a return or a credit card issue you'd better go to the sporting goods section and grab a tent.  You're going to be there for a while.

I should note, I was in a Walmart Friday morning, last week, around 7, and I sailed through the check out.  Four lanes were open, and that's a lot for that time of day.  Maybe management ordered extra help because of an anticipated holiday weekend crush.

You would think "bigger" and "better" in the same sentence is an easy fit.  As the Consumer Reports survey shows, that is not always the case.