Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Business News

Wilkes-Barre is getting a new indoor lacrosse team.  The name:  the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Shamrocks.  The owner was quoted in the Times~Leader as saying “We could not have picked a more appropriate name.”  Do you want a second opinion?

It looks like the Borders book store chain is done.  The company is in Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.  A take over deal fell through.  Next step:  liquidation.  Even though I do the vast majority of my book shopping and buying on-line, I did occasionally visit the Dickson City store and I'm sorry to see it go.  There is still a chance for a late miracle.  Some court things are planned later this week.  Stay tuned, but it doesn't look good.

More than a dozen Wilkes-Barre employees recently took the day off to attend a fund raising golf tournament that was part of the mayor's re-election campaign.  I have no problem with taking time off, but if 14 city employees can be off, and the city still runs, perhaps we have too many city employees.

We're in the second half of summer.  Staples started back to school specials two weeks ago.  Walmart is filled with school supplies and uniforms.  Like the Christmas shopping season, back to school time seems to begin earlier every year.

The Major League Baseball All Star Game earned its lowest overnight ratings ever last week.  I wonder if if will migrate to cable during the next contract.  I can't see how FOX is happy paying big money for a small audience.

CMC-Scranton and Geisinger are merging.  In case you need a reminder, health care = big business.  Many wonder how Scranton can continue to support three hospitals.  CMC and Regional are now part of big corporations.  It will be interesting to see what happens with Moses Taylor, or as they say in Scranton, "The Moses."

>>>10:30 AM UPDATE:  Moses Taylor Hospital is being acquired by Community Health Systems.  It's the same company that owns Wilkes-Barre General and Scranton's Mercy Hospital (now Regional Hospital of Scranton).  One paragraph in the sale announcement news release jumped out at me:

Moses Taylor and Regional Hospital of Scranton will each continue to offer healthcare services on their respective campuses while the two hospitals work collaboratively to plan how they will deliver clinical services for the future.

Translation:  Moses Taylor Hospital will be a very different place in the future.