Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Concrete Crumbles

I've been pulling several extra overnight shifts lately, so that means I have a little free time during the day.

Monday, I took a drive from Scranton to Wilkes-Barre to do a little sightseeing and shopping.  My walk around downtown Wilkes-Barre is another blog, for another time.  Today, I'm concentrating on the drive.  Specifically, Interstate 81, north and south.

The bridges are a mess.  I'm not talking about little potholes.  We have some giant craters.

I just don't get it.  We live in the most civilized, most technologically advanced country in the world, and we can't make a bridge that doesn't fall apart.

We have smart phones, GPS, LED's, tagless underwear, and vanilla flavored vodka.  Yet, a solid piece of concrete somehow eludes us.

I don't want to hear about salt corroding the rebar, the freeze-thaw cycle, and heavy trucks.   There has to be a solution, a way to fix this.