Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Plymouth Flash Flood

I now spend the majority of my work week behind a desk, so I've missed a few natural disasters recently. 

That all changed yesterday morning, when I was sent to Plymouth to take a look at the damage from Sunday evening's flash flooding.  Above-- a mud covered Route 11, looking south and west.

Below, it's a look at what Coal Creek did to Coal Street.  A bridge was nearly washed away.  The home you see on the left lost part of its front yard.  Homes further off to the left lost their back yard.  Most had inches of dirt and mud in the house, and flooded basements.
The scenes up the hill were frightening.  Above, an SUV flipped on to its roof and buried in the street.  Theose are large slabs of asphalt on top of what used to be the bottom.

And below, this used to be a street. It's now part of Coal Creek.

As always, I was amazed that mud covered people who lost their homes were willing to take a moment to share their stories.  They were angry and frustrated.  They couldn't get answers to their questions from the people elected to serve them.

I can understand how there can be confusion during a disaster.  Let's hope this gets straightened out fast, and this neighborhood makes a quick recovery.