Monday, August 22, 2011

Inside Baseball

A little inside TV stuff today...

Doing the news isn't enough these days.  You have to "brand" your coverage.  In other words, do something to make it stand out from the pack, do something to make viewers know who and what they're watching.

ABC today unveils new branding for its election coverage.  The network says it's for 2012 and beyond.  As you can see, it's called "Your Voice Your Vote 2012."

ABC says it's part of an effort to get the know the candidates, and help viewers understand the issues in the upcoming election.

I'll level with you.  Covering politics isn't easy.  Candidates restrict access.  They rarely deviate from the script.  Appearances are "made for TV" events rather than an opportunity to let the public see what's really happening.

The candidates who succeed are usually the ones who come across best on TV.  Call it the charisma factor.

Research shows politics bores the pants off people.  We do our best to make it relevant.

The first primaries are still months away, and political news is already coming front and center.  It looks like we're in for an interesting ride.