Wednesday, August 17, 2011

It Never Changes

Let's take you back to this time in 1977.  ABC was about to premiere a new sitcom called "Soap."  It was a parody of daytime dramas, and some of the early eposides featured a cross dressing homosexual character.  People went nuts and condemned the show.  They tried to get ABC to cancel it, before the first episode aired, before anyone saw it.

"Soap" went on to become a creative and funny show, running for four years and 85 episodes.

Let's jump forward 34 years.  NBC is about to start running a drama called "The Playboy Club."  The title says it all.  It's about the Playboy Club back in the 60's.  Once again, some groups are screaming-- before the first show has aired.

Will I be a viewer?  Unlikely.  My schedule doesn't allow for much prime time television, and most dramas put me to sleep.  However, it will be nice to have a show in prime time that doesn't involve an autopsy.

I always look at these these things the same way.  If you don't like it, don't watch it.  If enough people don't watch it, the show goes away.   If it becomes a hit, so what?  No one forces you to tune in.  I was never a fan of the "I don't like it, so you shouldn't like it" school of thought. 

Let's all decide for ourselves.