Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Media Notes

The Weather Channel is at it again.  Why is it that any time I want to see the temperature and the forecast, The Weather Channel is running one of its "documentaries."  It's always the same-- someone running away from a flood, or someone running toward a tornado.  At least the first part of hurricane season has been quiet.  We haven't been subjected to The Weather Channel's drama kings and kings, telling us to get out of the storm while they're standing in the middle of it.

TBS has canceled the George Lopez Show.  I was an occasional viewer.  It wasn't great television, not even close.  But, it was fresh and different.  TBS will inflict a couple episodes of "The Office" on us as a replacement.

The Indianapolis 500 will be on ABC through 2018.  It's nice to see a major sporting event still on boradcast television.

What is it with the Scranton area public access cable channel?  It seems like it's in black half of the time.  When it's "on," the audio is bad.

I know two NASCAR broadcasts will be shorter next year.  Both races at Pocono have been trimmed by 100 miles.  A shorter race equals less advertising.  Other than "this will make the races more exciting," I've yet to hear a good reason.  I've also yet to hear who made the call-- the locals or NASCAR.

Radio sports talk host Tony Bruno, one of the best out there, recently was suspended for a week after calling a pitcher for the San Francisco Giants an "illegal alien."  Bruno apologized.  Even smart people say dumb things once in a while.

FOX and CBS have re-shuffled some NFL broadcast teams.  Positive:  CBS has added the great Marv Albert.  Negative:  Screamer Gus Johnson will call some games for FOX, when his FX college schedule allows.

Why does every ad for peaches, print or broadcast, include the word "juicy?"