Monday, August 15, 2011

Medical Update

Relax.  This is likely my last blog on my adventures in the field of medicine.

I had my first check up with my new doctor the other afternoon.

All in all, it wasn't bad.

First, there was a stack of forms that needed to be filled out.  I then handed over my records from my ex-doctor, who closed his practice at the beginning of August.  A nurse and I went over some history.  The doctor and I went over some more history.

While I'm suffering from a little separation anxiety, I think I can deal with the new guy.  His office does things a little differently.  It's nothing major and I can easily get used to it.

After a flu shot and a tetanus shot (hadn't had one of those in decades), and a slip for some blood work, I was on my way.  I'll have the blood drawn at a lab in a couple days.  With any luck, there's nothing bad swimming around in there, like excessive cholesterol.