Tuesday, August 9, 2011


The Verizon strike fascinates me, and aspects of it can be debated for days.

Verizon is a hugely profitable company, yet it's asking union workers for give backs.  Among the things requested by management are the ability to outsource some jobs and have employees pay for some of their benefits.

The union counters that there's no reason for the concessions because Verizon makes money-- a lot of it.

The company says technology is changing.  Its telephone monopoly ended long ago.  The internet has added a new dimension.  There's no longer a need for that land line.  It has to evolve to stay alive.

But, Verizon has its hands in more pies these days-- wireless, television, fiber optics, satellites...

Verizon is profitable and wants to stay that way.  It says it has to prepare for an even more diverse future.
Unionized workers want job protection.  We all do.

Unionized workers say they only want to share in the company's success.

Verizon says it needs concessions from workers to stay successful.

It will be interesting to see how this one turns out, and I'm sure a lot of other communications companies eagerly anticipate the outcome.