Monday, September 5, 2011

Hi There!

I had some strange experiences with the recognition thing lately, and the people I encountered were very nice about it.

I was walking through the mall Thursday morning when a worker in one of the anchor stores said something like "Day off today?"  I explained that I have a couple weekdays off because I work weekends.  She then asked if being recognized gets annoying.  I replied that it doesn't bother me.  You get concerned when you're NOT recognized because that means they don't watch you on the news.

A few minutes later, I was at the other end of the mall, in another anchor store, when another worker tried to sign me up for a credit card.  I politely said no.  I have enough credit cards, which is true.  Most are stashed away in my AlumaWallet, and I rarely carry them with me.  When I shot her down, she said "Oh, come on, Andy."  So, now, this could go two ways.  She either knew me in person, or from TV.  As it turned out, both were true.  She interned with us several years ago, but not in the news department.  I apologized for not recognizing her because I do remember most interns.  She was a peach, and let me off the hook.  She asked about some staffers and we chatted for a while-- nice woman.

Fast forward to Sunday morning.  I was getting out of the car, at home, after work.  An attractive woman was walking a couple yappy dogs.  She asked if I was Andy.  I gave my standard reply.  "Sometimes."  She told me who she was and added we used to play together as kids.  Huh?  The last name was familiar, but I think she had me confused with my older brother.  The woman's younger sister was in my high school class, and she married my godfather's son, if that makes any sense.  Once again, I apologized for not remembering.  I added that "I don't remember what I did yesterday."  Of course, that's far from the truth.  It was just my lame attempt to win forgiveness from the yappy dog woman.  It worked.  She too let me off the hook, and could not have been nicer.

I wish there was a moral to today's story.  There really isn't.  It was just odd that I had three similar situations in a short amount of time.